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Original Contemporary Paintings:

My paintings are inspired by life and what I feel about the human condition. Often I am depicting a narrative in stylized ways that hopefully cause an emotional response in the viewer. My stories are told with color, depth and texture. After having such a limited color pallet for 20 years as a jeweler, I can’t get enough of beautiful color!

I love the versatility and expressive potential of acrylic media. It lets me continusly change the painting until I’m happy with the results. Each painting seems to need the freedom to evolve and finds it’s own distinct expression. Often that expression takes an unexpected path from my original idea.

I have been lucky to have studied painting with Jane Filer, Emma Skurnick, Julia Clift, Stacey Leanza, & Luna Lee Ray.

Giclee Fine Art Prints:

Most of my paintings are available as Fine Art Giclée prints on wrapped and mounted canvas. The results of this sophisticated printing process are really stunning. They come to you ready to hang: all hardware installed and included.

What Is a Giclée?

“Giclée” is a French word that is derived from the verb “gicler” meaning “to spray.” “Giclée” became a popular term referring to a printing technique using the most advanced inkjet printers to create amazingly accurate reproductions of original fine art. Up to 12 pigments can be used, and these fade-resistant inks can last over 100 years when cared for properly. Giclées are rapidly gaining popularity among collectors, dealers, and art lovers because these prints maintain an unmatched trueness to their originals. This high level of replication coupled with their archival quality make them a wise investment.


Unfortunately I sat at the jewelers bench for way too many hours for 20 years and the results were not good! Due to repetitive strain injury from those years, I no longer make jewelry. But I have such fond memories from this time that I have included them on my web-site. If you have an interest in having any of them made into a Giclee Print, just let me know.