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When choosing our celebrant we were looking for someone who could help us to map out our journey and had the experience to able to blend our cultures, and ultimately express our full love for one another. Cathy had the experience, enthusiasm and flexibility to help us to build a ceremony that encompassed all the elements of our backgrounds and personalities. The process was well thought out: beginning with a meeting and then a thorough questionnaire which helped Cathy to understand us on a much deeper level and better get to know our love story.

When we received the draft that she had written off our questionnaire we were blown away. She had evolved our questionnaires into a beautiful structure that reflected who we were and set the tone for how we wanted our ceremony to be received. Cathy was very open to any edits that we had during the draft process which made it easy for us to end up with a final product that we thought was perfect.

The delivery of the ceremony was seamless and Cathy’s knowledge of weddings helped to ensure that no detail was left unaddressed. After the ceremony and even days after the wedding we received numerous comments about how beautiful and personal the wedding was. Many people even expressed that it was the most touching ceremony that they had ever witnessed. We are eternally grateful for Cathy and know that those who choose her as their celebrant will have a wonderful experience.

-Jasper Qvist

Our community lost a much beloved member to leukemia after six months of treatment. We were stunned at the suddenness of the loss. A celebration ceremony of this life was quickly arranged, and Cathy was chosen to lead family and friends in grief and remembrance. The hall was full of heavy hearts. Cathy created a service rich with wisdom from many spiritual sources, with music and chanting from friends and with the expression of much love. Through her example and encouragement for openness and the acceptance of emotions, many were able to share their memories so that all present gained a fuller understanding of our friend. Cathy helped us to embrace our sadness together and move through it to a truly joyous gathering. I left feeling much uplifted and grateful for the opportunity to celebrate a special life with others who loved her, too.

Judy Ingram

I imagine that the rite-of-passage ceremonies you will now be leading will bring immense peace and wellbeing through your words, your presence, your understanding, and your gifts. You have cultivated so much through your yoga teaching over the years— not only speaking ability, but also your ability to bring a sense of calm and peace, directing people’s attention, playing the role of community leader, connecting people with their breath, their body, their spirit, their commitment. You have built such a wonderful spiritual community here that will welcome your gifts in this “new” role– which in some ways is simply an elaborate extension of your role of holding space!
I look forward to witnessing your work in this community and beyond, however it aligns.

In light,

Dear Cathy,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Mom’s memorial service. We were all taken by how
well you captured her spirit – almost like you knew her. We so appreciate the time you took to make this so special,

Kathryn, Jennifer, Greg & Steve

Cathy did a beautiful baby blessing for our grandson. Her words were kind, thoughtful, and full of wisdom.

Thanks from the Griffith-Hamilton family.

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for creating a wedding ceremony that really captured the tone and sentiment we wanted to be reflected. I know doing this can’t be easy so I’m appreciative of the work and care and skill that you put into making it such a special ceremony.

With deep appreciation,


Cathy recently organized a memorial for our sons’/step-sons’ father. We were so grateful for the care she took in getting to know the boys, and in speaking with all of the family about their dad. It was important to Cathy to get to know Dan through the memories of those who knew him best, and she communicated our memories during the memorial as a storyteller might—with an engaging humor, and a sense of what would be important for us all to hear. She helped us to organize the event, offering suggestions and hearing our ideas with an attention to detail that made the service both celebratory and dignified. Thank you, Cathy, for making this day meaningful for our family.

– Mary Beth & Sheldon Clark

Thank you so much for organizing such a warm and beautiful service for Dan. Hearing all the remarks about him and knowing that he was loved by many, was uplifting. We will be able to begin the healing process now as we remember our son’s life. You have a wonderful talent and it is much appreciated.

Errol and Annie