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The session and lesson last night were so powerful and moving for me. I moved from fear, doubt, and anxiety, with my breath literally stuck in my aching throat, and returned to balance, faith, gratitude and peace. A huge shift in just 90 minutes! Thank you for encouraging me, teaching me, reaching me, and, especially, being a great example of grace in motion.


I’ve been meaning to tell you that I feel very blessed to have “stumbled” into your class a couple of years ago…it was somewhat random, based on time/location, and I can’t even imagine my life without all the good that’s come of it, particularly by way of people, with you at the top of the list.

The other thing is the yoga itself, as you teach it. Honestly, I’ve practiced with many different yoga teachers and many types of yoga over the years–some even at Kripalu–and you have such a way of bringing light and joy and self-acceptance into your classes.


I just wanted to tell you how much yoga helps lift my spirits. I have been struggling with some physical issues and, of course, yoga always helps with that. However, we sometimes forget about the emotional lift that comes from being with a group of beautiful, compassionate, caring souls that form a big blanket around our heart and warm us to the core.

I always leave your yoga classes feeling positive and comforted. And, always filled with gratitude that you provide such a wonderful opportunity of growth for all of us who are fortunate enough to attend your classes.

Lots of love,

Each time I leave your class I am taken with the wave of love you offer all of us. Your gift is enormous and never taken for granted. I am blessed to have found you and yoga at this point in my life. I find that the new chapters require change which is always the constant…constant struggle to just let go and live. So thank you.


I wanted to share things I have noticed. I find myself in the middle of poses from class without planing to. Sometimes its what I need to do in the moment to continue the next moment better.

Deep breath too, helps to calm me in stress situations and even to complete a thought.

I am standing on my hands!!! I have no memory of Ever being able to do that! My flexibility, strength and calm is increasing all due to your instruction and inspiration.


I am grateful for how yoga has become a very positive influence in my life and for you, my wonderful teacher and friend. I know you know this but we learn a lot more in classes than just poses, lots of life lessons.


I love your classes. You bring a personal element to the practice that is genuine. What I learned in class has helped me manage asthma, stress, and was the impetus to take charge of my own body and begin losing the weight that I’ve gained after 4 miscarriages in the last 3 years. (I have lost 13 pounds since Jan. 2!)


Boy, I’m sure grateful for you. Lots of Tuesdays I drag myself there, feeling lousy, and then leave feeling revived, limber and nurtured.You have a unique ability to make everyone in your class feel loved and cared about, I’ve watched it and experienced it, you show it in so many big and little ways. I truly love being in your presence and I say this after having many good teachers in my life.


Thank you so much for allowing me to experience the rejuvenating yoga class today. I believe that your class and you are really helping me in my journey on learning how to heal.


I have always admired how you handle adversity in a positive way and keep on going. We mourn our loved ones who have passed on but it is so important to not let our grief drag us down and impair our lives. And you are truly an inspiration in the way you continue to look forward and not get mired down in grief. I know you are suffering inside though. Please continue your resilient spirit. You inspire me.


In the corpse pose when you covered the top of my head with your two loving hands, my entire body fell into the deepest yoga state I have every experienced. Your hands brought me to my consciousness, not what’s next? The depth of my breathing and totality of my relaxation was beyond anything I have known before. Your touch transformed me.


You are always professional and yet personally involved with your students. When you sign up to be in your class you are signing up to be cared for….and to be on a path that transforms your life.