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To begin, let’s establish if I am available on the date you need. If so, am I the celebrant for you? Let’s find out. It’s time to set up an initial meeting with you, your partner and myself, where there is no charge and no obligation to you.

Let’s talk about your celebration. Whatever it is, whatever style you would like, I am always delighted to help. I love the whole range of weddings: traditional and formal, contemporary or quirky, intimate or large party. I trust in my ability to conduct the perfect ceremony for you because I bring all of my creative abilities, attention to details and inspiration to every ceremony.

This first meeting will give us an opportunity to discuss your wants and needs for the big day. I’ll learn about your distinct love story and take the time to understand what matters most to you at your wedding.

I’ll talk to you about possible choices for the structure of the ceremony and what readings, vows and rituals we might incorporate that can turn a ceremony from mundane to inspired. We’ll discuss who you might like included in the ceremony, how formal or casual you wish it to be, etc.

Once we choose to work together, you will receive a resource pack which guides you through the process. I will leave you with a questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill in and email back to me ASAP for more detailed research.

After that, we will mostly use e-mails and maybe a few phone calls to finish co-creating your ceremony. Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding celebrations, a chance for your guests to witness and support your commitment, and I will refine the design of the ceremony until you say, “That’s perfect for us!”

In order to secure the booking or for me to begin writing your ceremony, a deposit of $200 will need to be paid.