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1. I will meet with you in person and listen to your needs, beliefs, desires and love story, and then together we’ll weave a personal ceremony that’s uniquely yours . I’ll help you choose between many possibilities of structure, vows, readings and rituals that will make your ceremony reflect who you are and the love that you share. I will revise the writing of the ceremony until when you read it you are completely happy with it.

2.  I will remind you to get your marriage license in the month prior to your wedding.This is a vital part of the process and can sometimes be forgotten.

3. At the rehearsal and on the big day, I will pay close attention to detail, remain the calm and confident presence for those who are nervous, and administer the paperwork and legalities with the utmost professionalism.

4. I dress appropriately for your wedding/occasion. I ask you what level of formality you are aiming for and then wear something appropriate.

5. I am there at least half an hour before your ceremony time to make sure that everything is in place. After the ceremony I attend to your paperwork, hug your neck and then quietly disappear.

6. I will co-ordinate with the other professionals present at your wedding venue to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

7. I don’t charge for travel time to the rehearsal and ceremony within the Triangle area of NC. Further mileage means an additional expense.

8. I provide you with a keepsake copy of your ceremony so that you will always remember every detail of this auspicious occasion!

9.  I am passionate about my job and strive for excellence with each ceremony I lead. I honor the fact that your wedding day is truly one of the most important days in your life, that has required a lot of time, effort and money in the making and so I show up ready to help you make that day truly memorable.