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End of Life/Loss

When the death of a loved one occurs, everything changes so quickly. You may feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to do or where to turn. I hope that you will call me. I am a sincere, compassionate and caring Certified Life Cycle Celebrant and I am comfortable with your tears and all the upheaval that grieving brings. Having experienced my own losses, I know how healing a remembrance service can be.

I will come to your house and patiently listen to your stories and memories so that I can weave together a personalized tribute to your loved one.

Then I will lovingly craft a ceremony celebrating your loved ones life in a way that honors them, and gives a format for all involved to find some comfort and closure. Each memorial service is unique, and can be as simple or involved as you wish it to be. I can provide you with appropriate readings, poems or prayers to choose between if you wish. Participation by family and friends is encouraged. You will have final approval of the ceremony we have planned prior to the memorial service.

Honoring your loved one this way and celebrating their life with others who care about them, and you, can be the cornerstones of healing after loss. You can be assured that I offer a respectful, warm, uplifting service, and I will do my very best to ensure the path through this difficult time is made as smooth as possible.

I can serve at a funeral home, church, graveside service, or we can design an intimate service to be done in your home, favorite garden or venue. Finally, as a keepsake, I’ll provide a beautiful copy of the ceremony to the family.

Fees for this professional service vary and depend on the situation, but I will spend many hours learning about your loved one and preparing and conducting your service.