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Brent Clark Photography

Can we write our own vows?
Oh, yes. I can help guide you in that process.

Can we have a rehearsal?
Yes, absolutely. Wedding rehearsals really do help everyone feel confident in what they will be doing and where they need to stand, etc., especially if you have a large wedding party.

However, rehearsals do not need to be long and tedious affairs that take hours of everyone’s time. The trick is to have a great outline of who goes where and what the cue’s are. This is something that I provide for you as a part of your ceremony creation. It can be helpful to have me there to assist and organize. This option can be discussed in our first meeting.

How long does the ceremony take?
It depends on what you want but most ceremonies can take place within 30 to 45 minutes.

Do you use a PA system?
Yes. And it usually is a good idea to use one for anything other than intimate gatherings of less than 40 people. Of course, it’s up to you.

If my partner and I are of different faiths/cultures, and we want elements of each in our wedding ceremony, can a Celebrant marry us?
Interfaith and multicultural couples are well served by Celebrants. Professionally trained to find similarities in all religions and to interpret rituals and symbols to provide inclusion is a hallmark of the Celebrant movement.

We’d like an outdoor wedding. Is that ok?
Yes, absolutely, but I strongly recommend an in-door back-up plan.

We’d like to have a destination wedding. Do you travel?
Yes, I do. I love a good adventure, so by all means, let’s talk about it.

I’m leaning toward something a bit more traditional. Do you do that?
Certainly. Together, we can create a ceremony that is as traditional as you would like it to be. If there are specific rites you’d like performed that are the domain of religious or cultural specifications, e.g. reading from the Torah, a sacred blessing, etc., we can easily include people from your community or family to perform them.

Are you an event planner?
Event planning is usually a function of the folks running your venue or the focus of a separate person who specializes in organizing your entire day. But I’m happy to help your planner and your other wedding professionals with such things as processional/recessional arrangement, music cue sheets, photography and other needs directly related to the ceremony itself.

How I Determine My Fees:
See the Fees page.

What kind of training did you receive?
I am a professionally certified wedding celebrant. I was trained as a Life Cycle Celebrant by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, an international nonprofit educational organization that is dedicated to training Celebrants worldwide.

Our study included ritual theory, ceremonial structure, symbolism and storytelling for ceremony. We also learned the history of rituals and traditions around the world, the choreography and management of ceremonies, client relations and marketing, and ceremonial public speaking.

We don’t want a legal wedding, we just want a ceremony to mark our commtment.
No problem. You may just want to acknowledge your love for each other and let others celebrate with you without the legal aspect.

Where do you stand regarding same-sex commitments and weddings?
I am a firm believer in marriage equality and am thrilled that it is now the law of the land in the USA!